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Women's Issues

​Counseling for Women's Issues

I juggled multiple roles as I fulfilled my journey to become a counselor. My life and clinical experiences allowed me to acquire a deeper understanding of issues women faced when challenged by multiple roles.  What happens when a women juggles some many things at once- while trying to have a career, family, and attend to household needs?

Many women practice little to no self-care resulting in burnout, depression, irritability, feelings of sadness, anxiety, poor diets, anger, and health problems.  These symptoms are more severe if a woman has a history of trauma, lack support, poor coping skills, limited finances, relationship problems, low self-esteem, or the responsibility of caring for a parent.  

I can assist you in bringing balance to your life through counseling and coaching. Please call or email me to schedule an appointment today.  Remember you are important and if you don't take care of you - you can't care for no one else. 

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