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Premarital Counseling

Invest in Premarital Counseling before you say, "I do"!

Premarital counseling can assist in you indentifying problems that could lead to marital difficulties in the future.  Have you ever heard a friends or family say, "I didn't know she was horrible with money" or "I thought he wanted children" after marriage?  Premarital counseling can assist in you learning your partners perception about important matters that could alter your relationship.

I provide premarital counseling through 6 - 50 minute sessions with the options to return for one additional session after your marriage.  During our sessions, we will process topics pertaining to adjustments or changes you may face as a married couple.  Issues that do not fall under this category cannot be covered under this package.  After the completion of your sessions you will receive a letter indicating you successfully participated in premarital counseling.

Please call or email me for details regarding this package.

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